Not only de we have amazing products, but also a broad variety of services.

The easiest way to improve on your energy efficiency is to contact us! We offer you help throughout the entire process. Our service package consists of: consultation, lighting and other designs, installation, deployment and follow up. Each step consists of smaller steps and can be acquired separately.

1. Consultation

  • Inspection of the quality of the current equipment and its output measurements

  • Data gathering (maintenance fees, equipment usage etc.)

  • Calculating the current energy consumption

  • Deciding project goals and scale

  • Analyzing the goals/needs and calculating viability of the project

  • Recognizing the quality standards and other standards

  • Recognizing other needs of the customer

2. Desing

  • Creating a product design that meets the quality criteria

  • Or creating a solution that meets the clients specific needs

  • Presenting the change that will occur in the electric grid or control devices. Usually done in association with the client’s electrical engineer or optionally EcoLeader partner.

  • Presenting the total cost of the project, profitability calculation and evaluating the payback time from the savings from energy consumption and maintenance fees

3. Deployment

  • Installation can be done with the client’s own installation company or in cooperation with one of EcoLeader’s partners or team

  • Disassembly of old equipment or products

  • Recycling of materials

  • Installation of new EcoLeader products

  • Deployment and inspection

  • Measurements and energy savings calculations

  • Documentation

4. After Sales

  • EcoLeader products have at least 5-year warranties

  • Optional warranty up to 10 years

  • Because our clients come first, we can offer a full repair service and replacement parts

  • We value our customers, that’s why we want to take care of them from the very moment we say hello, through deployment and even after the sale is done