EuropaFrost: Nuevo Gas Refrigerante Ecológico


EuropaFrost is a natural, ecological and energy-saving refrigerant, that was developed by a team of engineers with extensive experience and expertise.  Through a collective effort, this new refrigerant will provide improvements to climate change.

You can use it in all types of air conditioning systems such as institutional, commercial and residential, changing the gas refrigerant only once.  It can also be applied to refrigerators, freezers, air cars and trucks, among others. The old gas can be recycled at our new plant for recycling of refrigerant gases (please see our Fri3Oil product) which is the first in Latin America and endorsed by the UN with all its American and European certifications to go along with its European patent.

Aware of the environmental challenges afflicting our planet and the need to save on energy, which not only aids the environment but translates into large economic savings, whether it be for a business or a residence, Eco Leader is pleased to introduce a product that will revolutionize our market: EuropaFrost.

Developing new green technologies that help our environment by generating cooler air with lower power consumption. We are currently using gases that destroy our ozone layer. Even though we are aware of this very real phenomenon, we buy more and more air conditioning units to cool our homes and offices, but in actuality we are heating our planet. Using EuropaFrost will result in a cleaner planet for all, with nonpolluting gases, ensuring natural preservation of the planet. As an added bonus, we would also be saving on energy and improving our economy.

What are the advantages?

  • Savings of up to 15% to 45% of energy consumption
  • Economically helps consumers in general
  • Helps to avoid further damage to the ozone layer
  • Decreases global warming
  • Banks promote green credit facilities thanks to energy savings and mutual gains
  • It is not toxic to humans, animals or plants
  • Compatible with existing refrigeration and air conditioning systems
  • Increases and improves the life cycle of refrigeration equipment since they would function at lower pressure levels.
  • Company or personnel would be ecologically responsible; a very important point for the RSE certification.