To manage a company guided by a policy of social participation that grows parallel with the company’s imposed business mission, to ensure a positive development not only for employees but also for society and the environment. Next to this ideology, EcoLeader seeks to inspire a spirit of entrepreneurship in the community, providing assistance to those who venture some social difficulty.

Prevention of climate damage forms a key part of our social responsibility. EcoLeader proudly follows the rules imposed by the PANAMA GREEN BUILDING COUNCIL, an organization to which it belongs, and promotes the sustainability of how to design, build and operate buildings. As an ecologically friendly company, all possible measures are put into practice to preserve the environment, from the rational use of electrical means, to the sale and promotion of ultra eco-friendly items. As we work together with the transportation of merchandise, we care about recycling products we use such as cardboard, paper, bottles, wood and aluminum. We also inculcate to apply these habits in our personal lives and to expand the message of environmental responsibility.