EcoLeader adheres to the Global Pact of the United Nations, and therefore agrees to the following:

  1. That their behavior, as an organization, is consistent with the 10 principles of the United Nations and to promote and disseminate them.
  2. To act in the best interests of its associated members.
  3. To respect the confidentiality of information of its associated members.
  4. To work against corruption and to promote ethics in business.

Our collaborators, which refers to all those who work in and for the Company, must act consistently with the commitments made by the Company.

Must at all times act with common sense, doing the right thing and in case of doubt should consult your direct superior on the company hierarchy.

You should always act in accordance to the law, honestly and loyally.

You should hold as a priority the interests of the Company and its Associated Partners, before your own.

As per the members of the Company, a behavior consistent with the code will be required, working to that end with all the available resources.

If a representative of any group of interest of the Company believes that there is a situation that is inconsistent with the principles of the PRSE, or the Code of Conduct, you should advise a managing member so that the situation is investigated and corrected if needed.