Late 2015, three unlikely associates came together for a common and simple and goal: to distribute smart, affordable, great performing, energy efficient and ecological friendly technology that while satisfying client’s needs would also solve many of the environmental woes we face today. That’s a handful, we know, but the fact is nothing gives us more pleasure than to find new and innovative solutions that not only resolves the ordinary or complex issues at hand, but also indirectly create benefits that improve the client’s wellbeing and even those around them.

Care to learn about a few examples?

Well, how about better industrial or commercial illumination that has a lifespan of 200,000 hours all the while saving you up to 85% to 92% on your energy consumption. In addition, its parts are 100% recyclable and have far less green house gas emissions than other types of luminaries.

Or, how about changing the refrigerant on your air conditioning systems in favor of a totally ecological alternative that can save you up to 50% on your energy consumption.

Sound like something that may interest you? By all means keep reading.

Although we are a young company, the products that we represent have long been battled tested in the global market with proven long lasting solutions to a wide array of challenges, such as efficient illumination, reduction of harmful greenhouse gas emissions and reduction of energy consumption. The solutions we offer also cater to many market segments including commercial, industrial and residential to name a few.

In short, we’d rather not ask why, but rather why not?